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Tahj is one of my more dedicated students, traveling from Mobile for classes on a regular basis. He’s got talent, ability and drive…a true recipe for success! Tahj sent me this report:

“I just wrapped on a show called _______. I did the work you taught me and OH MY GOD, I felt much more grounded in my character. Thank you, Jim!”


Kamille is a super talented actress who has been studying with The Working Actors’ Studio for years now. This week she spent time working on a feature film shooting in Mississippi.



Michael is an actor with talent and a great character look! He first came to me for a private coaching and he’s been in class with me off and on for quite a while now. Recently, he came to me for private coaching in preparation for a big audition he had. We worked on his sides for about an hour. This morning, he sent me this message:

“They offered me a role as a result of that audition we worked on. I felt like I nailed it after she said, ‘I have nothing…Let’s do it again.’ They’re expecting to start production in November.”


Fiona is a very talented dancer and actress who had never taken any acting classes. She took the Actors’ Foundation Workshop and then 2 months of the Application Class. We met privately and recorded an audition for a feature being shot in Georgia. She called me back the same day to report they loved her audition and wanted us to record a second scene! Here’s what she had to say:

“They offered me the role yesterday!!! 😱 I can’t thank you enough. Your guidance has been invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Adam Stephenson


Adam is my rockstar associate and he teaches for The Working Actors’ Studio in Baton Rouge. Why does he teach for The Working Actors’ Studio?…HE’S A WORKING ACTOR! He’s flying to Los Angeles this weekend to work on a highly popular series on one of the most prestigious streaming services! Congratulations, Adam!

He will, however, be present for most of the Actors’ Foundation Workshop which I’ll be teaching that’s being held this weekend in Baton Rouge. If you are in Lafayette or the greater Baton Rouge area, I would highly recommend you attend this class! After taking this all-inclusive, on-camera class, you’d be able to join him in his Wednesday night monthly Application Classes.